Gout has Got to Go!

Gout is a maddening little annoying disease that pops up seemingly out of nowhere on a day you don’t want to deal with it. And, it takes so much of your concentration to convince yourself that you can handle the devastating pain. All the while, you are shouting to the air….Make the pain stop!!

My family has first hand knowledge with gout. My husband Jack had terrible painful gout. He healed his away completely. I thought you may want to hear the information to help your situation or to share it with a friend in need.

First step:    Jack started by eliminating out all carbs (meaning wheat, grains) out of his diet.   That meant no eating,  at any time, not even a nibble:) items like breads, cereals, pastas, cupcakes, pancakes, crackers, juice, alcohols, soda. 

So what do you eat?

Second Step:    My husband is busy and needed satisfying food.  He ate meat only.  He could tolerate dairy ( meaning he didn’t get a tummy ache or diarrhea from dairy) so just for variety to an all meat diet, my husband would add in dairy items.    For variety he ate cheeses, vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, cream. 

Meats and dairy are items he ate willingly.  I had to make him eat vegetables,  so I prepared them for him.  I made steamed broccoli and cheese,    riced cauliflower from frozen in a cream/ butter glaze, soups with lots of veggies.  I usually just threw something together without much of a plan.  That was the simplest and most creative way for me. 

Cooked veggies are boring without salt so I do not hold back 🙂 I use Redmond and Celtic salts, usually at the same time. Look out for that Celtic salt, it can get too salty tasting fast. I add it little by little. Now I know how to handle it!!

He liked all this good food so……this  is how we eat all the time now.  He doesn’t get gout anymore.   Although, around Christmas when he eats a lot of party foods all month long and he gets an achy foot, he stops eating so freely.   He turns back to the diet of no carbs.  And just in no time, the gout is all gone! 


Side Note:   No doctor is supposed to agree to this diet or promote it.  It is basically a Keto Diet.  I bet someone you know uses Keto Diet to heal and feel better.      Doctors will say it doesn’t work or even try tell you that high protein/meat diets cause gout.     Or doctors will say that Keto Diet does work but the doctor will not help you with it.  I am not clear as to why.  Anyways, my family is here to say it works.

Prayer: Praise God for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who rescues us out of pain, guilt, and gout. Lift up your hands to God Almighty, he will shine down on you and give you health and peace. Amen.

Easy Natural Tea: Super Healing!

If you saw me in the morning making tea you might think I was actually making lasagna! 😄 I make my tea somewhat like I make all of my recipes…I throw open the cupboard doors and see what would be healthy for me today. Any and all herbs in my cupboard are fair game to add for all their various health benefits. Making tea from loose leaf herbs (for example, dried basil, dried oregano, dried thyme, to name just a few) was one of my first acts years ago to getting super serious about self healing.

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Tuna Avocado Salad

Inventing recipes is a thrill for me so to see my daughter dream up her own recipe for lunch was awesome! She threw this salad together with staple ingredients from our fridge…..tuna, avocado (mashed smooth, used in place of mayonnaise), sea salt, spices (like ground tumeric, in small amounts for the kids), cucumbers (sliced and used to dip into the salad). What’s the recipe you may ask….I just gave it to you! 😃 So simple!

Secret tip: Slightly fry the tuna and smashed avocado in Kerrygold to enhance the salty flavors.

Secret tip: The best flavor tuna, meaning full flavored without much fishy taste at all, is Kirkland brand from Costco.

Don’t forget to have your chlorella to bind to and eliminate mercury from your system from the tuna or anything else.

This was not the first time for my daughter to invent a new recipe but I was as always very encouraging. It takes bravery, time away from electronics 😋 and good predicting skills on how the flavors will turn out. In the end the family was very happy and well fed 😀 Thanks honey, great job!

Student Nurses Encouraged to Test out Natural Products

My favorite healthy grocery store continues to be Natural Grocers. They seem to love teaching out to the community and small groups about all topics of health. Today was no different when I saw many people in nursing fatigues milling about reading labels and discussing amongst themselves in the vitamin section. They were nursing students from Rasmussen College taking a tour and learning more about natural products and their benefits. Their instructor encouraged the students to test out natural products for themselves in order to share the benefits with their patients. How exciting to see natural health products receive importance in the medical world!

Heal Yourself with Food Only : Protein Power

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180606193501704_COVER20 years ago my husband Jack came home with a book called Protein Power. It outlined a diet that was high protein and very low carb. He planned to just lose weight with its information because up to that point all we could expect from a diet was to lose weight! As we read the book and followed the protocol, miracle changes in our overall health began to happen quickly. It forever changed our mindset of self-healing through food. Continue reading

80 Pounds Lost (and counting)! Everything That I Knew About Diet and Exercise was Wrong!


This week’s guest writer is my husband, Jack. Together we have helped each other work towards our weight loss goals and continue to improve our family’s health and happiness. Here’s Jack…

It’s no secret that I have been struggling with weight control for almost 25 years. At my heaviest, I had hit over 235 lbs, which is heavy for a 5’6″ guy. It wasn’t uncommon for me to buy XL shirts and having to drill another hole in my belt. I really worked at sticking with the dietary advice widely accepted… low fat. Continue reading

CBD Oil: Mind Miracle! One Family’s Struggle with Brain Injury and Making Life SO Much Easier

My friend Christine writes this week’s post about her six year old son with brain injuries that makes for extreme challenges raising him. Read their difficult story, see her amazing improvement data, and sing this information out to everyone you know!!

pic1Four and a half years ago my husband and I adopted two little boys.  They were 23 months and 3 years old when they moved in with us permanently.  Our youngest child, Caleb, received a head injury when he was only four months old.  You may not be familiar with traumatic brain injuries but they are devastating not just to the injured but to everyone around them.

Caleb’s TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) has caused many challenges.  The initial injury caused bleeding, swelling, seizures, and cerebral palsy on his right side.  His official diagnoses are Traumatic Brain Injury, Cortical Visual Impairment, Severe Development Delay.  Among Caleb’s difficulties he can be a very frustrated little boy.  My son has a severe vision impairment which makes navigating difficult. He is also sensory seeker/avoider which means that some things scare him or he has an excessive need to feel/hear/taste to learn about his environment.  Communication is also a great challenge.  From a parenting side of things, we never know quite what to expect or how to help Caleb.  We have 5 children whose ages are 18, 15, 8, 7 and 6.  We are no strangers to children, but Caleb is different. Continue reading