Gout has Got to Go!

Gout is a maddening little annoying disease that pops up seemingly out of nowhere on a day you don’t want to deal with it. And, it takes so much of your concentration to convince yourself that you can handle the devastating pain. All the while, you are shouting to the air….Make the pain stop!!

My family has first hand knowledge with gout. My husband Jack had terrible painful gout. He healed his away completely. I thought you may want to hear the information to help your situation or to share it with a friend in need.

First step:    Jack started by eliminating out all carbs (meaning wheat, grains) out of his diet.   That meant no eating,  at any time, not even a nibble:) items like breads, cereals, pastas, cupcakes, pancakes, crackers, juice, alcohols, soda. 

So what do you eat?

Second Step:    My husband is busy and needed satisfying food.  He ate meat only.  He could tolerate dairy ( meaning he didn’t get a tummy ache or diarrhea from dairy) so just for variety to an all meat diet, my husband would add in dairy items.    For variety he ate cheeses, vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, cream. 

Meats and dairy are items he ate willingly.  I had to make him eat vegetables,  so I prepared them for him.  I made steamed broccoli and cheese,    riced cauliflower from frozen in a cream/ butter glaze, soups with lots of veggies.  I usually just threw something together without much of a plan.  That was the simplest and most creative way for me. 

Cooked veggies are boring without salt so I do not hold back 🙂 I use Redmond and Celtic salts, usually at the same time. Look out for that Celtic salt, it can get too salty tasting fast. I add it little by little. Now I know how to handle it!!

He liked all this good food so……this  is how we eat all the time now.  He doesn’t get gout anymore.   Although, around Christmas when he eats a lot of party foods all month long and he gets an achy foot, he stops eating so freely.   He turns back to the diet of no carbs.  And just in no time, the gout is all gone! 


Side Note:   No doctor is supposed to agree to this diet or promote it.  It is basically a Keto Diet.  I bet someone you know uses Keto Diet to heal and feel better.      Doctors will say it doesn’t work or even try tell you that high protein/meat diets cause gout.     Or doctors will say that Keto Diet does work but the doctor will not help you with it.  I am not clear as to why.  Anyways, my family is here to say it works.

Prayer: Praise God for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who rescues us out of pain, guilt, and gout. Lift up your hands to God Almighty, he will shine down on you and give you health and peace. Amen.

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