Raw! RAW! RRRAAAW! ~ Not Everyone Needs Raw Vegetables

Not everyone does well on raw veggies. Quite a lot of people do great on cooked veggies. Don’t let the raw veggies movement guilt you into thinking all cooked veggies are worthless to your body.

Nick Gonzalez (dear departed Nick Gonzalez, MD, cancer doctor extraordinaire, who literally cured cancer through food and supplements. Then he tragically died around the same time many other cancer curing doctors mysteriously died, hmmmm) claimed in his research and the research of others (mostly dentists!) that not everyone needed raw veggies to be healthy and heal out of disease like cancer. Many people get their necessary nutrients and healed themselves with cooked veggies.

I personally do best on raw veggies. My health concerns seem to stop or at least reverse course when I eat raw. Remember, you are your own test patient. You have to watch for the times you feel great and symptoms settle down for you. I have to think back to what I have eaten the night before or even over the course of the last three days, three weeks, three months, or three years.

Water. Remember, only drink when you are thirsty, like Eric Berg suggests. You weaken the affects nutrients have in your cells with excessive water.

Fat. You need to eat fat with veggies, cooked or raw (Eric Berg again with the info!). Fat, like butter, cheese, or the fat in beef, works together with the previtamins in vegetables to get nutrients absorbed. Nina Teicholz, who wrote The Big Fat Surprise, discussed in her book the tremendous healing power of eating enough fat.

There is a lot of wrong information about what healthy food is and much of our society is slow to accept the truth about healthy eating. We trust our doctors but they seem to be influenced by food and drug companies over sound food research. Society also easily trusts the media in place of doing their own research. This habit is quickly broken when people realize how much better they feel eating less sugar, less carbs, and little to no processed foods.

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