Summer Lunch: Broccoli Tuna… So Yummy

Long gone are the days for my family needing a quick lunch and we turn to mac’n cheese with hot dogs thrown in to be special 🙂 This tuna and broccoli dish was one pot and quicker than most other so called “easy quick meals.”

My daughter “hates” tuna and my son loves it…or so I thought 🙂 In order to head off trouble, I met my daughter at the kitchen door and kindly stated, “We are having something alternative for lunch today, honey.” To my surprise, she picked up the bowl and coolly shrugged an okay. My son, who never misses an opportunity to dramatize a non dramatic event for comedic effect, ran screaming out of the kitchen, never will he eat that!

He eventually came back to reality and ate without complaint. All in all it was totally yummy, didn’t taste fishy, and it was healthier than my former pasta based lunch creations. (I really do miss them so so much!) Like my former pasta lunch dishes, this one was creamy, salty, a little tangy, and quick to make.

Recipe…ummm…yeah….it went something like this…


Lightly brown 3 T. butter (Kerrygold) in a pan. Add

2 cans tuna (Kirkland from Costco)

Broccoli florettes, 4 cups or so, (today I had a broccoli head and cut it into small pieces, seemed like it made 3 cups)

Spices (organic), 1t. ground rosemary, 1T. garlic flakes, 1t. parsley, 1T. dill, 1t. sea salt to taste.

Water to splash in and steam the broccoli tender.

Finish with 1 t. lime juice, 1T. heavy cream


It made enough for my two hungry kids and enough for me to have a small portion to taste. (I am slimming down my lunch time meal so I can get used to intermittent fasting until 4:00. I have not started this yet but hope to begin soon. More on this later…)

Dessert was pear slices. This marks one full week of no sugar of any kind in the house. No one has complained yet including me! Ahhhh! This is huge huge for my family. Catch all the details in my next blog post coming up soon.

Nice quick meal, except for me blogging about it. That took some time…lol… Hope you enjoy it too!

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