Easy Natural Tea: Super Healing!

If you saw me in the morning making tea you might think I was actually making lasagna! 😄 I make my tea somewhat like I make all of my recipes…I throw open the cupboard doors and see what would be healthy for me today. Any and all herbs in my cupboard are fair game to add for all their various health benefits. Making tea from loose leaf herbs (for example, dried basil, dried oregano, dried thyme, to name just a few) was one of my first acts years ago to getting super serious about self healing.

Before making herbal teas my journey to improve my own health lead me to purchase many supplements like liquid chlorophyll. It tasted yucky and was expensive and had questionable old ingredients. I wondered if I could eat something with high chlorophyll content like the label was convincing me I needed. I wondered if I ate more herbs would that help me improve my health. Yes! Very much so!

Although my food recipes have to taste good, I rarely consider taste when making my daily tea. I see it as my medicine so I drink it fast as soon as it cools. That is true except if my kids will be drinking the tea as well. In that case I just make sure to add licorice root. It has a pleasant bright taste that is so strong that it covers up the flavors of the other herbs.

I never buy store bought tea bags anymore unless it is for a gift or we have company coming. Tea bags are easier, but not much. I always have clean old shirts in my kitchen drawer. Some are cut up into small squares to strain tea and others are cut up larger to replace paper towels. I have a nut milk bag that I could use to strain tea but then I have to clean it and I’m not as confident that all food fiber and flavors get totally washed out. Metal strainers are not good to strain all tea ingredients like milk thistle or licorice root. Plus, fine mesh sieves are not very quick to clean out for me. Old shirts seem to work perfectly for my family 🙂 However, when company comes over for tea, LOL, I use a coffee filter to strain tea, not our old t-shirts, otherwise…gross!!

I believe all my herbal tea mixtures that I would quickly throw together improved my overall health in a relatively short amount of time. I believe it nourished my body so much and so quickly that my body was able to start naturally detoxifying itself from the effects of decades of poor food choices.

I encourage you to come away from store bought tea as well and start making and mixing your own herbs for tea. That way you know exactly what organic ingredients from reputable countries goes into what you are drinking. Be sure to watch for my upcoming post about today’s tea creation. See what crazy herbs I throw together to feel strong and continue to self heal my body, easily and naturally.

See you next time. Take care of yourself and others!

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