Tuna Avocado Salad

Inventing recipes is a thrill for me so to see my daughter dream up her own recipe for lunch was awesome! She threw this salad together with staple ingredients from our fridge…..tuna, avocado (mashed smooth, used in place of mayonnaise), sea salt, spices (like ground tumeric, in small amounts for the kids), cucumbers (sliced and used to dip into the salad). What’s the recipe you may ask….I just gave it to you! 😃 So simple!

Secret tip: Slightly fry the tuna and smashed avocado in Kerrygold to enhance the salty flavors.

Secret tip: The best flavor tuna, meaning full flavored without much fishy taste at all, is Kirkland brand from Costco.

Don’t forget to have your chlorella to bind to and eliminate mercury from your system from the tuna or anything else.

This was not the first time for my daughter to invent a new recipe but I was as always very encouraging. It takes bravery, time away from electronics 😋 and good predicting skills on how the flavors will turn out. In the end the family was very happy and well fed 😀 Thanks honey, great job!

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