Vegetable Scramble as a Main Dish or Side Dish

My #1 health goal these days is to get my family to eat more vegetables. Great goal but it is not always easy to fulfill when my kids have different tastes. One child wants/needs only cooked veggies (raw veggies give her headaches) and the other wants only crunchy carrots. It was steamed veggie’s turn so this dish is what I invented right on the spot and it turned out amazing!

Even though the main ingredient in this dish is vegetables, the dish could be described more as a vegetabley egg dish or an eggy vegetable dish. Either way you see it, the final look and taste of this dish pleased me so much I took photos and could not wait to share it with my Songbird audience :):)

Not only was this recipe really quick to make but it was very versatile. I will do it again with cauliflower or virtually any other vegetable. Cooking the veggies a little bit of egg seemed to just take that harsh vegetable taste out for my kids. Both kids loved the salty creaminess of this dish. One even said it tasted like pasta. Total win!

This dish actually looked like mac and cheese so I served it alongside a hot dog. The Applegate brand hot dogs are natural uncured beef and seem to be our favorite. My kids really enjoyed this hot lunch.



Cut cauliflower in small florets (I used 1/2 of a smallish head)

Steam the cauliflower. I steamed it right in the fry pan with only a few tablespoons of water. Goal was to evaporate all the water before I added the egg mixture.

When the cauliflower was almost as soft as I needed it I added three beaten eggs, 2 grated garlic cloves, and a good pinch of salt and pepper.

When the eggs finished cooking I tossed the mixture with cream (1/4 cup) and more salt to taste.

(My eggs browned on the bottom by mistake. I did not watch them as closely as I intended but that turned out to be a very nice visual touch to the finished dish.)


By the way, I chopped up half of a big box(16 oz size) of baby spinach and substituted it into this recipe. It was also super yummy. I eyed radishes to try scramble up someday. They do not like raw radishes at all but I bet my kids would happily eat those scrambled up too 🙂 Hopefully 🙂


One thought on “Vegetable Scramble as a Main Dish or Side Dish

  1. Tabitha says:

    Those look really good!
    Another version, i grab some frozon mixed veggies, warm them til thawed then add eggs and mix til eggs are done. The veggies make the eggs sweet and farther . can be eaten for any meal! (My sister makes this when ever we visite)


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