Energy to Play with Your Family : Keep Improving and Finding Your Way to Better Health

Most years, we in west central Minnesota will have beautiful green grass and new spring flowers by April but not this year 2018. We had snow! Lots of new snow fell so softly all day long. I just had to put aside everything we were doing and get out and play in the last last last snow of winter.

We keep thinking each snowfall is the last of the season but we keep getting more snow. Here we are sledding a week ago saying this is the very last of the snow so enjoy it 🙂

I just love playing right along with my kids. We love to laugh together and have fun adventures. Today in the snow we hiked around the farm and under the trees. As the snow fell around us we threw snowballs, made snow angels, and built snowmen.

What a special day to spend with my favorite people ever. I was thankful for my good health. I had all the energy to keep going for hours in the snow playing with my kids.

A spontaneous day like this would have been very difficult or not have happened at all if I had, for example, a troublesome reoccurring headache or some other ailment. Nagging pains and such could give me a default excuse to say I just didn’t want to do those things at that time. But deep down did we secretly want to play outside or wherever for hours and hours like we were kids ourselves?

I have had so many friends telling me that they once suffered debilitating mystery illnesses that had them bedridden. That makes me very thankful for the health and energy to spend fun days like today. It also makes me motivated to stay and get even healthier and enjoy even greater energy and ability. And even beyond my own concerns, I also want to “sing” out what I have learned about self-healing.

It is not just a distant dream or something only others can do to self-heal and get more energy and a better health outlook. It is for everyone. I encourage you to keep eating the right things, to deny eating energy draining foods, and to rid your life of unnecessary chemicals.

Keep up the great work towards better health. There are so many people just like you trying their best. Think of all the possibilities more energy and better stronger health will bring. Hopefully, for me that means more days spent setting aside everything to go play in the last of winter’s beautiful snows.

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