Heal Yourself with Food Only : Protein Power

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180606193501704_COVER20 years ago my husband Jack came home with a book called Protein Power. It outlined a diet that was high protein and very low carb. He planned to just lose weight with its information because up to that point all we could expect from a diet was to lose weight! As we read the book and followed the protocol, miracle changes in our overall health began to happen quickly. It forever changed our mindset of self-healing through food.

Using the principles of Protein Power (eat a measured amount of protein each day for your body weight and age and 30 grams of carbs allowed per day) we both lost weight very quickly. As the weight came off we noticed other super wonderful things were happening to us. Jack’s deeply entrenched hay fever allergies stopped. Sneezing eight times in a row every morning was common his entire life up to that point.

Completely stopping Jack’s pollen-based allergies was MAJOR!! But at the time we didn’t call this healing as being “healed” or “cured” because we thought that Jack was a person who has and will always have allergies. Like it was a fact that wasn’t ever going to leave him. Allergies were always going to lurk in the background of his health to show up unexpectedly at any moment.

Husband and wife Drs. Eades, both are accomplished microbiologist medical doctors wrote Protein Power. The information in the Protein Power book was not new. Scientists have known through studies from the 1880’s that enough protein makes for strong healthy bodies. The doctors were also seeing amazing results with protein on patients at their diet clinic.

The information in Protein Power was not new but why is it not more widely known? The political troubles associated with the best foods to eat and a government’s failure to promote them are well documented in many books. Dr. Michael Eades points out Nina Teicholz’s The Big Fat Surprise as the most important science-based nutrition book of all time!

Today, after much research from many sources and testimonials, my family tries to live a natural lifestyle. My husband finds success following the keto diet. I eat a diet that includes leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, protein, and fats. Our bodies seem to have been quickly transformed with the strict use of eating well and avoiding sugars, processed foods, grains, and fruits. Changes to our bodies include clearer minds, leaner stronger muscles without exercise, and our health issues, big and small, seem to get cured from just healthy eating and avoiding unhealthy foods.

It is time to sing out this information to family and friends and everyone. It is time to support each other as we all change our mindset and turn our health around. It is my hope that we stop struggling with health issues that could be cured, Cured, CURED just by eating the right fo00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180606193501704_COVERods and not eating the wrong foods.

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