Kid’s Quick Lunch – Our Fast Food

We are usually rushing out the door to get activities.  To get there in time I try to have fast foods ready to  pull out of the fridge.  These days those “fast foods” are looking and tasting  very different.

In our old life, before getting serious about what my family eats, we wouldn’t think twice about stopping at a fast food restaurant first. We loved it so much.  Today my kids like their new fast food choices that we keep stocked in our fridge for a quick lunch, snack, or midnight snack.      Continue reading

Bone Broth – Songbird Style!

LOL, no, I’m not cooking up a songbird for this dish… but I do want you and me to sing out this method of making bone broth to everyone we know.   It is fast, easy, inexpensive, and super healthy.

From all the testimonials about bone broth improving health and curing people, including my own,  bone broth is something I plan to always make and keep on hand in my refrigerator so I can sneak it into just about everything that I eat.

Why is bone broth good for me?   It is loaded with glutathione which is an antioxidant and detoxifier in our bodies.   It helps remove just about any toxin in our bodies which in turn strengthens our gut lining and improves overall health.

Here we go.  Let’s make quick broth… Continue reading

Throw it Out!!!

Are you spring cleaning too? I found a hidden case of soda in the basement. I used to hide the soda down there so I could sneak a pop and no one would know.  I would also hide the can before my husband got home. So addicted, right? I knew it was bad for me but I could not tear myself away from it. Now, thank God, I don’t want soda at all. So I have a decision to make…what to do with pop that I don’t want and I wouldn’t give to anyone else….my decision…..throw it out!!! Continue reading

Goodbye to Our “Old” Life!

Goodbye “old” life!  We have been planning to turn a corner and head down a different road for eating and living for a long time now.   In the past my family did some healthy things but now think we have finally settled on a new life, a new route to pursue and enjoy.

This new life for my husband and me will be without sugar, grains, processed food, eating way more vegetables, and eating two meals a day.  Along with this new eating lifestyle there will naturally be more family exercise and adventures.  Before, a major recreation for my family was to go out to eat.  Not only eat but eat anything we wanted just because we were out and about.  Our thinking was to eat healthier at home.

Really we started turning this corner about twenty years ago becoming high protein eaters.  Now for the last three years we scaled down our sugars and added only some vegetables,  but recently now we are finally living the food lifestyle we want.   It feels so good to be at this point!

With all that I was changing in my home and family life I thought that I would like to show others what I was doing and how we were transitioning and living more aware of our health.  With all the research and discussions with friends I seemed to have collected so much information. Many times I will learn something and say, “Does everyone know that?!”  With those words on my mind I decided to start a place for me to share with others things that make my family happy and healthier.

I hope you visit me often and are able to see something that helps you and your family to also be happier and healthier.