Bone Broth – Songbird Style!

LOL, no, I’m not cooking up a songbird for this dish… but I do want you and me to sing out this method of making bone broth to everyone we know.   It is fast, easy, inexpensive, and super healthy.

From all the testimonials about bone broth improving health and curing people, including my own,  bone broth is something I plan to always make and keep on hand in my refrigerator so I can sneak it into just about everything that I eat.

Why is bone broth good for me?   It is loaded with glutathione which is an antioxidant and detoxifier in our bodies.   It helps remove just about any toxin in our bodies which in turn strengthens our gut lining and improves overall health.

Here we go.  Let’s make quick broth…


I used chicken thighs from Sam’s Club.  $.99 per pound.  Chicken thighs are dark meat which is higher in iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, and B-complex vitamins.  No, I didn’t wash these thighs off.  Yes, I left the skin on.  The entire flat of thighs all fit into my large soup pot.

Once I had all thighs in my soup pot I covered them completely with water.  With the stove on high I brought it to a boil and then turned down the heat to medium low (3 on my stove).  It simmered for one hour.  Then I turned off the heat and left the pot to cool sitting on the burner.   (Since I woke up in the middle of the night, as usual, this meant I could go back to bed happy that job was done.)

That was it!!  I separated the thighs into a different bowl from the broth so I could pull the meat off the bones and use them in different recipes.  I didn’t add any spices or herbs or even salt to the broth so I could customize each recipe I make from this broth and chicken.

I was so satisfied with my realization that broth is just that easy that I had to taste what I made right away.  I added a pinch of black Himalayan salt (more about this salt in another post coming soon) and some onion granules to taste.  Wow, even that was simple.  So so flavorful with just those two added ingredients.

I put the cooled bowl of meat and the bowl of broth in the fridge.  The broth will gel and become a jiggly mass.  I spoon this broth gel into just about every savory dish I make.  It is easy to flavor eggs or quinoa with a spoonful of this broth.  It is also quick to heat up with salt and a splash of milk for a midnight snack for the kids.

Making broth is multitasking friendly 🙂  I had to check on its progress very little.  But if I am in a hurry I can always buy organic bone broth.  My favorite was from Costco because it came in a massive pack, tasted great,  and was low cost.

Bone broth isn’t just for people with health issues.  I love it as a versatile staple in my kitchen.  So feel free to throw open your windows and sing out how awesome bone broth really it!!

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