Kid’s Quick Lunch – Our Fast Food

We are usually rushing out the door to get activities.  To get there in time I try to have fast foods ready to  pull out of the fridge.  These days those “fast foods” are looking and tasting  very different.

In our old life, before getting serious about what my family eats, we wouldn’t think twice about stopping at a fast food restaurant first. We loved it so much.  Today my kids like their new fast food choices that we keep stocked in our fridge for a quick lunch, snack, or midnight snack.     

Ingredients I keep on hand:

Our quick meats are nitrate free turkey or this salami from Sams Club $13 big pack.



Small cute romaine lettuce bundles from Costco are faster and easier to clean.  They are the perfect size for lettuce wrapping your food instead of bread.   I try stack five lettuce leaves for the wrap just to get even more veggies into one sandwich.

3-e1495762736227.jpgBubbies pickles go on the side or in the wrap. They are sort of salty.  I really like them.  Bubbies are not vinegar based, instead they are cultured pickles to populate our gut bacteria.  My kids think they are hot and refused to eat them at first. Now my kids sometimes eat them if they take a drink of milk with each bite of pickle. Any way I am able to get cultured foods into my family is success to me.


Gouda organic cheese for vitamins and fats. It is mildly funky but inside the wrap it mellows out. I buy imported only or at least nothing made from pasteurized homogenized milk. One day we’ll get raw cheese but it is just too expensive now for how much we want to eat of it.

We try not have a dessert at the end of our meals but if needed we like strawberries dipped in natural peanut butter from Sam’s Club. 2 pack $10.



This is what our fast food looks like these days. I wanted to share them with you in case you wondered what another family is doing. Things will change and our fast food choices will get even healthier on our journey to even stronger health. For now, these things are delicious to us and our kids and considered our fast food. 🙂

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