Fired from My Doctor

Being let go from my doctor because I was using animal based Nature-Thyroid instead of his prescribed Synthriod/levothyroxine was not what I expected, but today I am thankful and at peace with my decision.

On a routine check up from my endocrinologist doctor I told him that I was also going to a alternative health nurse practitioner that was prescribing me a natural version of his synthetic thyroid replacement. I had been taking Nature-Thyroid instead for six months before this appointment. I was feeling about the same or even a little better taking natural thyroid hormone than I did taking synthetic hormone for the last sixteen years.

I had to take something. I had a thyroidectomy sixteen years ago because of a lump in my neck. It turned out to be cancer so the entire thyroid was removed. I just took the medicine that the doctors prescribed. I trusted them. I did not question their procedures. They are doctors for crying out loud!!

I didn’t plan to stop taking Nature-Thyroid and my medical doctor was not about to treat a patient admittedly using a drug that was not approved by the FDA. They cannot patent a natural substance. The doctor said that he could not issue lab tests or ultrasounds to track if there was any tumor regrowth for me anymore.

I left the doctor’s office feeling great that I stood my ground and that I knew what was better for me even if a medical doctor didn’t. I figured at that moment that chiropractors, naturalpathic doctors, nurse practioners, YouTube, herbalists, reflexologists, and common sense will be my new doctors.

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the internets. Seek medical advise for further information.)

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