Chia Seed Pudding – Great Dessert

I love to invent recipes and this week’s recipe is one of my favorites. I had to actually stop making it. 🙂 Although it is healthier I would eat spoonful after spoonful after spoonful and say wow that is so good after each bite (LOL). Needless to say I needed a break from my favorite treat.

This pudding to also a great way to use up any raw milk that is about to turn into yogurt. That is one of the many benefits to raw milk. It does not spoil. It just morphs. 🙂

The formula to make chia seed pudding is 3 parts milk to 1 part chia, plus any flavorings you want to add. But I do have a written recipe for you too.

3 cups chia seeds organic
1 cup raw milk grass fed
1/2 cup cane sugar organic
1 T. Cinnamon organic
Pinch of Himalayan salt

Whisk all ingredients together. Stir occasionally before leaving it in the fridge overnight for chia to absorb all the milk.

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