Fast Food No More – Grocery Store Run Instead

We did it! When we were out running errands with our kids and everyone was hungry, we chose not to go to a fast food restaurant! Yeah!!! We picked out fast foods from our local grocery store deli instead. That was a big victory for us. We broke from our old mind set to just get fast food because the fear of not getting food quick enough.

In our old life we didn’t think twice about going and eating anything we wanted from fast food which included three refills of soda. I know! Right! But this time was different. We had in the back of our minds all the miserable problems we would feel tomorrow from eating wheat, sugar, grease, and processed cheese made us second guess getting it.

My husband and I were discussing which fast food restaurant to go to. What place were we in the mood for. The kids were also voicing there picks. I quietly said what if we don’t go there. We debated a bit and my husband made the decision that he could do without the bloating later that night and the next day from a quick burger. Yeah!! I was so excited. We were actually doing this. We were actually going to shop for our supper instead.

At the grocery store we got a satisfying big snack that actually filled us all up full. We felt happier and satisfied for our choice. We felt a victory for finally turning away from the pull to just get fast food.

No, it wasn’t perfect. Yes we picked foods that eventually we will have to weed out of our life. But for that day that time we chose right and healthier.

Here is what my family picked:

Deviled Eggs were our favorite. We should have bought more of them. Creamy and very filling. This was great for my husband who is doing more of a ketogenic diet. The higher the fat content the better.

Sausage and cheese tray. This may be a bit controversial for how processed it is but it was going to satisfy us. Also it saved us from mindlessly going to a restaurant for equally bad choices. Remember don’t feel quilt for making small changes now that will add up to permanent changes.

Dessert was a natural chocolate bar. Each person was surprisingly satisfied with about three squares of chocolate.

Our drink was a Synergy kombuncha drink that was shared too. Our kids are used to having less sweet drinks. This kombuncha is still a bit too vinegar tasting for them but they drank it.

I let the kids have a small bread roll to make a sandwich with their sausage and cheese. Cringe! They would have had a hamburger bun if we stopped for fast food. I just wanted them to get used to this new lifestyle change.

Big changes! We did it. In a pinch we could be very satisfied shopping for fast food at the grocery store. 🙂

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