Bye Bye Water Jugs – Hello Filtered Water from Home Again

After switching our drinking and cooking water from our own filtered water at home to store bought bottled water, we are once again making a change back to our own home’s filtered drinking water. We were surprised at the processing of bottled water and quickly made the change.

Water from our own well tasted slightly like rotten eggs at times and left rust in the washer and shower so we figured that was not good for us. Plus we softened our water with salt pellets which made us wonder if it gave us elevated salt levels. Nevertheless we started buying seemingly harmless water in gallon jugs at the store. For my family of four plus our dog, I was buying about six to eight gallons a week. Even if I was buying natural spring bottled water it was still a problem.

Yes the water is from mountain springs but a chemical is added to the water to transport it. Once back at the processing facility then another chemical is added to the water to reverse the first transport chemical. Then the water is heated and put in the plastic jugs which creates a toxic problem from heated plastic. On top of that plastics naturally leach chemical that resemble estrogens to our bodies. Too much estrogen causes many health problems for people.

For so much in life you have to figure out what works best for you and your family. The same goes for our heavily mineral well water. It needed super filtering. My husband managed to make our own dual filtering system for our drinking water faucet. Our water is filtered first when it comes into the house and then two more times right under our sink. The first filter under the sink (DuPont 4000 series) is rated for 1000 gallons of water and it is a mid quality filter. The last filter (DuPont 7000 series) is a more expensive option that filters any remaining impurities.

Usually if you have a filter system under your sink the cold water coming out of the main water faucet at your kitchen sink is filtered. That seemed like a waste to my husband so he also managed to split a line from the cold water to a separate drinking fountain through his two stage filter system. Where a hand sprayer usually sits he converted the outlet to a separate drinking fountain. This extends the life of our filters so we don’t change them as much. Also it avoids the risks of cross contamination with the hot water line through the main faucet.

You maybe cannot tell from the picture but the water tube coming into the two filters is rusty colored and the clean tube leading to the drinking faucet is clean and unstained because all the minerals are filtered successfully so many times.

Sometimes you just have to create your own system and figure out your own route. In the future my husband plans to install an extra filter to our water system. He wants put in a second filter as the well water enters the house this time. We will look forward to seeing how much of a difference that makes to the final washing water and drinking water.

For now, we are confident again in our water. It tastes like good clean water should. Good job Honey for bootlegging all that together!!

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