Solar Eclipse, Wow What a View!! And Great Snacks Too!!

Sorry today’s post is a little late but we were out watching the solar eclipse. Wow! It was impressive!! Even if the northern states did not get a total eclipse it was so enjoyable to watch the progression.

Just yesterday I was planning a possible 12 hour drive from our home to Bozeman, MT, to view the eclipse. Bozeman was the nearest major city that was going to be completely sunny. Our area was forecasted to be mostly cloudy. I did not want to miss the eclipse just because of clouds. Well, we decided to hope for the best and try see it from our home in Minnesota. It turned out that we just had a light vale of clouds so we were able to see the entire solar eclipse from home. No problem. Thank God, it was beautiful!

We got outside early to see it from beginning to end. So we did not have to strain our necks looking up from a chair, I put blankets on the ground with pillows for our heads. My husband worked from home and the kids took a break from playing Cashflow and Legos 🙂

Since this was going to take a while watching the entire length of the eclipse I packed some snacks to enjoy. Right or wrong these are our snacks of choice. They are definitely better for my family than the general brands we were eating in our old life.

We devour these Cheetos-like delightful crunchers which are my daughter and husband’s favorite for crunch and flavor. My son and I, on the other hand, enjoy the puffed version of this snack for its crunch and flavor.

This is our “pop” of choice. Zevia has many flavors and we like them all. Rootbeer, Dr. Pepperish, cola, lemon lime (7up’ish), grape (son’s favorite), cola non-caffeine (daughter’s favorite), grapefruit (my favorite), cola with caffeine, strawberry (almost always sold out at the store), black cherry, ginger ale, many more…..

Wow! That was fun to enjoy something so interesting together. Not only will it be a family memory to someday share with each other but it will also be a great memory to share with everyone who saw the eclipse today!

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