25 Pounds Lost!! Thanks to Butter, Bacon, and Bye Bye Sugar


I did it! I lost 25 pounds from my heaviest weight! I look and feel so much different. 15 of those pounds were lost in the last 8 months. I am so thankful for this accomplishment!

About three and an half years ago I was at my heaviest non-preggers weight. No one said anything but I could tell it for myself. I was about to need a bigger pants size that I could not even imagine. My face was usually all red and blotchy. I needed to do something for my health but everything in my medical chart was normal.

I did not know that people are able to heal themselves, actually cure themselves. On top of that, I did not know that the solution and cure came from eating the right foods and denying the bad foods. Unreal!! So I thought.

In talking to my sister who said she belonged to natural health club in her small town I learned of a new healthy lifestyle. My sister then invited me to see her medical doctor who was also a naturalpathic. From the visit I learned that I had candida in my gut, a yeast overgrowth. Sugar was the number one food source for that candida so there started another battle to cut out sugar.

At that time my weight was at its highest and so were my craving for sugars to feed my candida. It has taken strong will power, lots of mistakes, and lots of years but I feel and look like a different version of me. Weight came off all over my body. Not only are my arms, legs, and waist thinner, so are my neck, feet, and cheeks 🙂

After all the years of trying, by far the fastest weight loss for better health happened starting last Christmas. Over break we found a chiropractor of all people on the internet of all places!! He really stressed how bad sugar was, even in small amounts. He had many video explanations of the dangers of sugar. I really listened carefully and took it seriously this time.

Since then I have successfully and totally cut out Saturday morning donuts and drinking any soda (read my blog post “Throw it Out!!!”). Not only have I cut so much sugar out of my life, so have my husband and children.

I describe the diet from YouTube chiropractor Eric Berg as a ridiculous amount of vegetables 🙂 to get enough potassium (4700 mg which is 7-10 cups veg) along with fat, moderate protein, and intermittent fasting. This diet made me actually feel healthy. Berg calls his diet ketogenic plus more vegetables.

Recently my husband has been on a strict ketogenic diet with great results. Look for his upcoming post sharing his experience and success with this diet. He has quickly turned his health and weight around since he started a few months ago.

When I look back at all the hard work it took to get lose 25 pounds I am so thankful. Now my thoughts are changing to what else can I do in my life. I have chosen to share my story and the story of others along with the life changing power of eating right, cutting out what is bad for you, and living more naturally 🙂

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