Snakes for Lunch – Black Bean Pasta

Snakes for Lunch! – Amazing Black Bean Pasta

AHHHHH!!! That’s right! Snakes! This black bean pasta looks so close to a pile of little black snakes. My kids loved the look and ate it right up. I on the other hand needed to psych myself up a bit to eat each bite of this pasta. 🙂

Another attention-getting aspect of this pasta is the very high potassium content, 1267 mg per serving. (My kids each ate one serving.) That is great given that people need 4700 mg of potassium in a day. Also, there is 25 grams protein and 11 grams net carbs. The only ingredient listed is Organic Black Beans. Amazing!

The texture and flavor of this new grain-free pasta was pretty similar and satisfying to a regular wheat pasta, so much so that I am totally fine with this replacement. Just to be clear, I am a recovering pasta addict all the way back to childhood. I was very particular on the texture and cooking of my spaghetti. Thinking back I loved buttered salted pasta so much that it was one of my nicknames as a kid, Nettie Speghetti 🙂

You could be creative and top this pasta with anything you want. I made a thin herby butter sauce. This is what I had on hand and threw in. I wrote the recipe in case you wanted to know.

4 oz. black bean pasta organic (this amount is half the box and it was enough for my 2 kids to be full) (cook until al dente)

Heat in a saucepan:

1/4 c. Chick stock (Kirkland brand organic)(bring to a boil and cool for a bit before adding to remaining ingredients)

1/4 c raw organic grass fed cream :):)
1/4 t. Apple cider vinegar Bragg’s organic
1/2 t. Onion granules organic
2 T. Nutritional Yeast organic (Druids Grove) (for B vitamins)
6 slices salami, nitrate free, chopped up
1/2 t. Black Himalayan Salt
Pinch of Orsa salt (Utah mineral salt)
Pinch of Garlic flakes organic
Pinch of dried Parsley organic
Pinch of dried Cilantro organic
Pinch of dried Dill organic
Pinch of dried Chives organic


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